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Benefits Of A Solar Powered India
Bridge the High Power Deficit

India’s current power deficit stands at approximately 10%, which comes up to almost 12,000 MW at peak excess demand over supply. Also the pace of new demand growth for electricity is far outpacing the growth in supply to India’s various DISCOMs. Solar – with its infinite availability and India’s favorable environment conditions is perfectly poised to bridge that gap.

Reduce Import Dependence

Almost one-thirds of India’s power is sourced from imported commodities such as foreign coal and diesel. With rising problems over Coal production in India and ever-rising oil prices – the current rate of increasing imports to reduce the energy deficit is not only unsustainable but also harmful to economic factors such as the Current Account Deficit that leads to rising inflation and lower purchasing power of the Indian currency. Almost 3/4ths of all diesel used in generation is imported in our country. Solar can be an important weapon against this rising trends of imports and is poised to replace conventional sources of energy as India’s solution to its power crisis.

Rising Prices of Conventional Sources Of Energy

Such as Diesel and Coal are making solar energy a highly viable alternative. Variable costs per unit of diesel power generation are currently around INR 12 and only slated to rise with the rising diesel costs. In comparison, Solar Energy costs are already under INR 10 and expected to reach power parity with cheaper forms such as coal in the next 3 years.